Our Team


Muhammad Nazreen Jaafar Bin Dato’ Abdullah

LL.B. (Hons.) (MMU)

Nazreen co-founded the firm with Derrick. He holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from Multimedia University. Thereafter, he did his pupillage at Messrs K.F. Low & Co. under the guidance and supervision of the managing partner, Dato’ Low Kam Fai and at the same time was working closely with senior counsels, Wong Chee Meng and Azhar Bin Arman Ali for trials and hearings in highly contentious and conundrum matters at the High Court level up to the Appellate Courts. Soon after, he was called to the Bar.

He has gained extensive experience in drafting cause papers ranging from Magistrate’s Court up to the Federal Court, drafting agreements and conducting hearings for various applications.

The arrays of work are pertaining to land disputes, debt recoveries, contractual disputes, banking, liquidators’ disputes, family matters, industrial relations, bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, shareholders’ disputes, constructions and insurance disputes.

He focuses mainly on civil and criminal litigation. However, if opportunity knocks, he is ever ready to accept the challenge and explore other areas of legal practice.

He zealously and fearlessly upholds the interest of his client at the highest standard. Nevertheless, he behoves in maintaining at the highest standard of honour and dignity of the legal profession in accordance with the law and the rules and ethics of the legal profession.

Derrick Oon Wei Zun

LL.B. (Hons.) (MMU)

Derrick co-founded the firm with Nazreen. Derrick holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from Multimedia University. He was called to the Malaysian Bar after completing his pupillage at Messrs Cheah Teh & Su, where he was trained intensively and extensively by one of the firm’s senior partner, and gained extensive legal experience, particularly in the broad field of litigation. During his pupillage, he was also exposed to matters related to contractual disputes, interlocutory applications, devising litigation strategies, commercial disputes and industrial relation disputes.

Thereafter, he was attached to a boutique litigation firm in KL whereby he had the opportunity to assist and work closely with reputable senior counsels such as, Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram, Datuk Malik Imtiaz Sarwar and Datuk Dr. Wong Kim Fatt. Aside from being tasked with solicitor’s work, i.e. drafting of all types of cause papers, he appears regularly at all tiers of courts ranging from the Magistrates’ Court up to the Federal Court.

Derrick has experience in litigation work (drafting of cause papers and appearing in court) involving shareholders disputes, land transactions, commercial contracts, contractual disputes, industrial relations, corporate matters, torts, landlord and tenancy, family law, insolvency and incidental matters.

Unable to control his strong desire to learn and be exposed to the corporate / commercial side of practice, he thereafter ventures into a global e-Commerce company where he was appointed as the Group Head of Legal. Aside from being merely exposed to corporate legal work, he gained first handed experience on the operations aspect of the business, business developments strategies, marketing strategies etc.

Derrick had the opportunity to liaise and negotiate directly with foreign investors from all around the world with regard to investments matters on a regular basis. During his short stint there, he single handedly completed a share swap exercise with success between an ultimate local holding company and an ultimate holding company located in Singapore valued at USD550 million.

He was also heavily involved in several fund-raising exercises with unicorn investors whereupon it involved working closely with one of Japan’s largest investment bank.

In addition to that, he was also appointed as the Legal Advisor for an ultimate holding company which operates a chain of International Schools in the country, on an ad hoc basis.

Today, he managed to procure the firm to be retained and acts as the legal advisor for the aforementioned global e-Commerce company.

Derrick is a firm believer that the key to success is hard work, persistence, loyalty and the constant betterment of one self. He is committed to leveraging his experience in litigation and corporate / commercial to secure the dynamic and progressive nature of the firm to ensure that his clients’ interests are upheld to the highest standards.